Lab Ma Noi, glorifying local food Ubon Ratchathani


On August 29, 2023, the Department of Cultural Promotion organized an activity " 1 province, 1 menu, local food " under the project to promote and develop local food. To the cultural heritage and Thai identity (Thailand Best Local Food) " Taste...lost The Lost Taste " for the fiscal year 2023 

The objective is to study the history of Thai food. local food that is related to the Thai way of life including the collection and dissemination of information as well as offering knowledge about Thai food and local food Expand Thai herbs Alternative properties and pass on is a wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. It promotes the potential of cultural networks in managing cultural events. on the basis of local intangible cultural heritage 

Department of Cultural Promotion has considered selecting the activity "1 province, 1 menu, glorifying local food" by Ubon Ratchathani Province There are food items that have been selected as "1 province, 1 menu, local food show" for the fiscal year 2023, namely Lab Dog Noi.

Lab Ma Noi contains a mixture of many herbs. which has properties to help nourish the body, extinguish toxic heat, neutralize fever, relieve headache, body heat can be eaten at any age Suitable for people with fever or is it hot in

Laab Ma Noi is a local menu that can be encouraged to be distributed by restaurant operators. or develop into a teaching curriculum It's a home event in an educational institution. and continue to increase the value of the economy Create both savory dishes and sweet foods in addition can also be upgraded to local food for welcoming guests who visit Ubon Ratchathani Including developing it into a unique local food that you must eat when you come.