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-งานแสดงประติมากรรมเทียนนานาชาติ ครั้งที่ 6-

Mr. Jonathan Mencarelli


ͼŧҹ Sunrise Energy

This sculpture represent the wake energy. The flow who floating, inside (heart) with outside (world) The body is like air and light receptacle, In the intermediate position, Inter sleep and standing, Dawn atmospheres feeling.

ѧʧѹ ʴ֧ѧ觡õ蹵Ǩҡš¹͡ ҧº͹觷ͧѺҡ ʧҧçҧҧù͹ ׹ ҡس

Mr. Jorge Luiz Schröder

Santa Catarina, Brazil 

ͼŧҹ Wrapper

all the attitudes that will be taken to protect the world should develop in order to be magnified, making a protection to the planet. We are the humankind responsible for this attitude, which begins in our heart and develops itself, expanding it without limitations, like waves, expanding it each time. Sustain heart sutain world When we throw a stone into the water, waves are formed on the surface and they diffuse in all directions, so we must do this way to keep the world, we must do that the heart be the beginning of this process, without limits, universal. A sculpture with circular figures placed in sequence and linked around a central sphere.

黡ͧ ءդѺԴͺ㹡ûͧš Тûͧѡ ҡҡ͹Т͡ҧմӡѴ ǡѺ蹷͡ ׹ š׹ ҤôšѡɳǡѺԴ蹺ǹ ͡价ءȷءҧ 㨡͹Т͡ҧմӡѴҡ еҡѡɳзçͧѹ Ѻٹҧ

Mr. Ojars Arvids Feldbergs

Sabile, Latvia

ͼŧҹ Vertical Knot

The main form of the sculpture is square column. Its four sides symbolize four stages of humanlife childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. Through his or her life a man or awoman grows not only in physical meaning but also mentally and spiritually. The verticalityof the column unites the earth and the heaven in symbolic way and depicts the mental age of a person through life. I also integrate the image of Endless Knot one of Buddhist symbols in the sculpture.

Ǵ觔 ٻçͧҹеҡç٧ 4 ҹ ºº͹ 4 ǧͧ ˭ ª Ժ§ҧ ШԵ㨡ѲҢ鹴 ç٧ѭѡɳͧšä زзҧͧǪԵ աѧʴ֧ش ˹觷ѭѡɳͧʹҾط

Mr. Om Khattri


ͼŧҹ Infinity

It depicts of the memories of harmony and friendship, hugging as connection of beyond physical attachment to each other. It shows human spirit, feelings through similar properties seem in the both seating face to face. Concave space with curvature contour is dedicated to each other.

͹ѹҾ 繡þóҶ֧ѤԵҾ áʹ͡˹ͨҡִԴҧ«觡ѹСѹ ѹʴ֧Ե㨢ͧ ¡Ѻ༪ԭ˹ҡѹ ѡɳФ駤͡Ժѹ

Mr. Thierry Lauwers

Brugge, Belgium

ͼŧҹ Sustain my heartSustain my world

It evokes the natural relation between man and woman, the family as being backbone of our society. The woman jumps in the arms of the man and is carried, for this I was inspired by the Ancient Greek mythology, Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. The beauty of this sculpture will be the lack of details; all will be smooth and round as on the drawing. The strong supporting the weaker, caretaker of her world. The strong, caretaker of all the weak in the world.

׹ š׹ 觷Դ鹵ҵҧ м˭ԧ 觤ͺ繡д١ѹѧͧѧ ͼ˭ԧⴴʹͧ 觼Ѻçѹ㨨ҡ෾¡ա

Ms. Lyudmyla Mysko

Kyiv, Ukrain

ͼŧҹ Song of my heart

A female figure in silhouette vaguely resembling a heart. The basis of combination of form and composition kontrformy.

ŧ㨔 ٻҧҢͧ˭ԧѡɳФ繾鹰ҹٻçФҧ

Mr. Ikeda Shigeru

Fukuoka, Japan

ͼŧҹ Heart

On March 11, 2011 at 14:46, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake occurred off the coast of Honshu, Japan Which sffered extensive damage to large areas of the country. On behalf of the Japanese people, I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude for so much warm support received from Many Countries include Thai People and move forward recovery from this disease. However someone still so paralyzed with grief and fear they cannot even begin to contemplate the future. I think its better if I tell my work is represented by a complex in the heart of the Japanese now.

ѹ 11 չҤ 2554 Դ蹴ԹǢҴ˭͡½͹٢Ҵ 9 ԡ Ѻǧҧ 㹹ͧǭ蹼ҡʴͺسҧ٧ Ѻêҧͺ蹨ҡҹһ 駻´ 㹡Ҥ纻Ǵ ҺҧѧȡҴ ǡҨҧõ ŧҹ鹹ͧ繵᷹ͧѺ͹㨢ͧǭ㹢й

Mr. Phuttipong Wongwanna

Ubon Ratchathani,Thailand

Light of Dhama

Light of Dhama The art of Thailand it represented identity of delicate, harmony. Beautiful. The harmonious line up to the sky like a candle flame, its mean the Buddhists important day is starting again.

ʧ觸 Ż觪ҵ ʴ֧͡ѡɳ͹¡׹ § ѷ վѧ 鹷ҹ׹ͧ º͹¹ͧҧ ʴѹӤѭͧǾط鹢ա˹


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